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Detergent Website and Media

In this project, we revitalized EcoTwist’s digital presence by redeveloping their website and designing a motion graphics explainer video to tell their brand story. This work included vectorizing their logo, creating a custom web store, and drafting detailed 3D models of their detergent bottles. This project is a good example of the type of work we excel at – projects that bridge both the software and creative industries.

Logo Vectorization

The first step of this project was to vectorize the client’s logo to use on the rest of the project. The original logo was extremely low resolution, and no vectorized version existed. A new vectorized logo was then recreated by hand for use on packaging, the website, the explainer video, and other media. Below you can see the difference between the low res starting version and the final vectorized version (presented below as a high resolution export).

At the beginning of the project, the client wanted to completely redo their website. They wanted a custom professional site that would allow them to sell their detergent online and manage the process from order submission through shipment. To accomplish this, a new website was built from scratch. This new website included the following –

  • Landing page with company details
  • Store locator where customers could locate the nearest brick and mortar location that sold the detergent
  • Web store where customers could purchase individual bottles of detergent. This integrated with Stripe for payment processing.
  • Back-end dashboards for client to manage orders including updating order status, shipment tracking information, and custom coupon management

Screenshots of various parts of both the front and back end of the project are included below.

3d Bottle Modeling

Another stage of the project included modeling the client’s detergent bottle for the website and an animated video. This included a custom bottle, cap, label, and liquid. With a 3d model, the bottles could be shown from custom angles, which was very useful in the motion graphics. Variations of the models are shown below to display how the caps and liquid changed in different models.

Explainer Video

EcoTwist Explainer



Some Client


Some Client